nextsocial’s platform features have been purpose-built to fit your unique needs

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Dedicated Support

nextsocial’s deal platform is completely self sufficient and easy to use. However, our dedicated customer support team will help you with every stage of setup, configuration, testing, launch and execution. We also make extensive use of sophisticated analytics to stay ahead of your activity and ensure great conversions.

Easy to implement API

Organized around REST and designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URL’s, with quick access to nextsocial’s platform functions. Please contact us for more information.

Deal Campaigns

With nextsocial’s deal app, you can easily connect with your social networks. Share your deals across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat. Combine smart posts with Ad campaigns to boost reach, engage fans and increase conversions.

White Label Solutions

nextsocial’s White Label Solution is available to premium clients who seek a fully customizable option leveraging our backend and frontend platforms. Basically becoming the owner of our SaaS, enabling the reselling of our platform to an unlimited amount of your clients.

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